Organic Jarrah Honey

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Product specification and volume required

TradeVine supplies a range of certified organic honey products from Western Australia. Whether you are looking to source the very rare Jarrah Honey (produced from Jarrah trees that are only found in the south west of Western Australia), other varieties and belnds of organic honey, or boxes honeycomb pieces, we are able to assist.

Organic Jarrah Honey

  • Exceptional antimicrobial and antifungal activity
  • Low GI
  • High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Potent pre-biotics and high butyrin acid content
  • Free from chemicals or contamination
  • An excellent mild carel-like flavour

Organic Premium Honey

An organically certified blend of the best of Western Australian honeys such as Wandu, Banksia, Red Gum and Karri. To achieve organic certification means that the honey must be gathered from remote locations and packaged with minimal processing. As with all our honey, there are no diluting substances or artificial agricultural or industrial chemicals. 

Honeycomb frames

Each Frame holds a piece of honeycomb 425mm wide and 150mm high, containing 2 – 2.5 kg of Premium honey, depending on the comb width. For retail purposes, each comb could be cut into 10 pieces 85mm x 75mm each. Honey comb presented in a frame makes for an engaging display or sampling station wihtin a retail environment. Our honeycomb frames are also popular on breakfast and desert buffets in high-end resotrs and resturants. 

Freight forwarding solutions

Due to its infinite shelf life and dense nature, honey can be transported cost effectively either by sea or by air. Talk to us about a cost effective freight forwarding and consolidation solution.


Item TA Unit size glass/ pet UNITS PER CARTON
Organic Jarrah TA+10 500gm Glass 6
Organic Jarrah TA+10 500gm PET 12
Organic Jarrah TA+10 1kg PET 6
Organic Jarrah TA+20 250gm Glass 8
Organic Jarrah TA+20 500gm Glass 6
Organic Jarrah TA+20 500gm PET 12
Organic Jarrah TA+30 250gm Glass 8
Organic Jarrah TA+30 500gm Glass 6
Organic Jarrah TA+30 500gm PET 12
Premium Organic Honey N/A 500gm PET 12
Premium Organic Honey N/A 1kg PET tub 12
Natural Premium Honey N/A 500gm PET tub 20
Natural Premium Honey N/A 1kg PET tub 12
Honeycomb Frames N/A 2-2.5kg 425x150mm frame 5


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