West Australian Live Yabbies

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Product specification and volume required

Yabbies are a fresh water crustacean that live naturally in the waters of Australia – a part of the world renowned for its pristine, pollution free environment. Not only are Yabbies a highly sought after delicacy, but a wonderfully healthy protein that is virtually fat free with a cholesterol level so low it is immeasurable.

TradeVine sources yabbies from the only export approved facility in Western Australia.  The facility is family operated processing facility that source their yabbies exclusively from farm dams across Western Australia. The same yabbies are served in some of the finest restaurants in Australia and around the world.

Sizing and availability

The yabbies are weighed and individually sorted according to grade. Complete our enquiry form for our latest price list.

  Buffet Medium Large Extra Large Jumbo
Average pieces per kg 29 29 14 11 9
Average pieces per lb 13 9 7 5 4
Weight range per yabby <40g 40-60g 60-80g 80-100g >100g






Graded yabbies are supplied in10kg boxes lined with wood shavings.

Yabbies are available in plentiful supply during the seven months from mid-November to mid-May. Farming techniques to improve productivity, particularly during the off-season, mean we can supply on demand all year round. Wherever you are in the world, we can deliver fresh, live yabbies via air freight.

Packing and transport

To ensure that you receive the best quality product, every yabby can be tracked to source. TradeVine also ensures the cold chain is maintained from farmer to consumer.

The yabbies carefully packed in polystyrene boxes for transport, and frozen gel packs keep the product chilled to the perfect temperature whilst in transit. On arrival, to ensure maximum storage life, you simply refrigerate them (2–8 °C). They will survive, live, for at least seven days in refrigeration.

Quality assurance

Australian Quarantine HACCP and export accredited

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