West Australian Live Marron

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Product specification and volume required

Marron are fresh water crustaceans that are endemic to south-west Western Australia. Marron is the largest freshwater crayfish in Western Australia and the third largest freshwater crayfish on Earth. 

TradeVine sources marron from Australia’s only export approved marron farm in Western Australia that supplies some of the most well renowned restaurants around Australia and the world. 

Size options

 Average pieces per kg 12 8 6 4 2
Averag ewieght per marron 71-100gm 101-150gm 151-200 201-300 300+ 



Packing and transport

TradeVine ensures the cold chain is maintained from farm to consumer.

Once their core temperature is reduced to approximately 6C they get packed inside a cool room into poly boxes with frozen gel packs on the bottom and 9mm damp foam inners separating the gel packs from the marron. Unlike lobsters, marron can survive for 5 – 6 days in a dormant state. On arrival, to ensure maximum storage life, you simply refrigerate them (2–8 °C). 

TradeVine is equipped to consolidate marron orders with other West Australian seafood and presihable products that require chilled transport. Consolidation will often make freight forwarding more cost effective and small orders viable.

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